Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014 - No Time and No Pictures

This is an even shorter letter than usual. He was doing something fun for his pday apparantely and he wasn't ready to share what it was!

You can email Devon at:

or write him at:
Elder Devon Ridd
c/Valdebernardo n. 25, 5c
Madrid 28030

I read all of the emails and I loved them... I have zero time today but you will see why next week. I hope you have a great week! I am safe and sound and happy here - don't worry about me! 

Mom! About three weeks ago I made a personal post card out of a picture that I have of me and I got it made for your birthday and I wrote on the back of it and stuff and I was going to send it to you and I had it in my Book of Mormon while we were walking around so that I could put it in a mailbox... but it fell out!!! So, I looked and looked and looked but I couldn't find it - so I am just hoping that somebody sees that it was supposed to go to the United States and sticks it in a mailbox for me. I'm sorry about that Mom. It was a really cool card and I feel bad that you might not get it but lets hope you do! (I do hope so too!)

I really like my new area. The ward is good. There are tons and tons of members so that is cool. There are so many more members in Madrid than I am used to! We are not even in the same stake as President and Sister Jackson!

I will write more next week I promise. This p-day is going to be awesome! Thank you for sending me the package! I hope you have a great week and tell everybody I say hi!

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