Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24th, 2014 8 Months In!

Thanks for the email Mom! I did get the package. Thank you so much, I loved it and I love you! No more money will be necessary thank  you.. and you don't have to keep sending me packages or letters in the mail or anything don't worry. If I need something I will let you know :)! (Such a big difference between my two missionaries! Courtney is begging for more letters in the mail!)

It seems like you guys are just getting cooler since I left! (this just makes me laugh)  I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourselves! Ha ha everything is good here! You asked me about writing in my journal - actually, the truth is that I have been pretty bad about writing in a journal...bad actually. There is just no time! And if there is time I'm just too pooped to write anything! Excuses.. I know.

As usual, I don't have a lot of time today but I want to tell you about one experience that happened last week. Elder Peredo and I were walking home to eat lunch and I saw this lady walk by - she was holding a "How to Learn English" book. So of course I turned around and talked to her and got her information and told her about our English class. Then when we were finally able to meet with her it turned out that she is an inactive member with two teenage kids who aren't baptized. She lives in a pueblo just outside of Guadalajara and we have to take a bus to get there, but we took the bus and talked with her for a good while and her kids are just awesome and I just know they are going to get baptized. Definitely the hand of the Lord and a miracle! We are very grateful for her and for someone to teach! She lives like 8 or 10 kilometers away and the bus schedule is terrible at night and in that pueblo so the other day we had to run all the way in the pitch black wilderness to make it home on time! That was pretty fun!

Today is my 8 month mark! Can you believe it? I'm a third of the way done!  It seems really weird.

Everything is going so well here. Thank you all for your prayers. I hope everyone has a good week!


Elder Ridd

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