Monday, March 17, 2014

March 10, 2014 with pictures!!

He would love to hear from all of you! You can email him at
or you can send him a letter at
Elder Devon Ridd
c/ cuesta de Davalos n. 2a, 6i
Guadalajara 19001

Well dang! My family is so cool! You guys are just a bunch of adventurers! (he is talking about my working out of town and Alan and the girls meeting me in Iowa so they could go to Nauvoo etc...) Thank you for sending me that stuff! Please keep giving my address to people! I definitely look forward to letters. Tell Nana that I got her package too. Tell her thank you very much and I loved it and I love her!

So, I've lost weight! I look good now! I just eat sandwiches and cereal. Dad knows what its like! It is so nice to be able to drink the tap water here - I am not used to that! It's so much more European here compared to Las Palmas. It's like you were asking about at Christmas - everybody has to buy thier daily bread here! There are panaderias every 5 feet and it smells so good!

My Spanish is getting pretty good! I know it's going a lot better but I realize now also with a native companion just how much Spanish I don't know! The youth have their own words ya know? But I know it will come with time. People here tell me I have a Canary Island accent!

I am actually chatting with Courtney right now. She is so great. She is going to be such a good missionary.  I feel so blessed to come from our family. We are going to the zoo today so I will send some pictures of that next week!

I love you!

Elder Ridd

Catching some rays on the roof while there is sun!
I drew this on a chalkboard at the church because everyone is always making fun of me for being so American! BTW I would love if you would send me a big American flag to hang in my room
To go with my Arizona flag that gets passed down from one Arizona missionary to the next. 
This is right next to our apartment

The view from our apartment

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