Wednesday, February 26, 2014

He's In Guadlajara!.... Spain! Not Mexico

Two Pdays ago Devon emailed us to tell us that he has a new address and that was it! We were so excited to get some details in this week's letter! You can always email him at
His new address is:
Cuesta de Davalos n.2a
6i Guadalajara 19002

Ok Mom! 

So... I like Guadalajara! We had a pretty successful week this last week. We are opening the area for the first time so we are literally starting from nothing. We don't have pamphlets or an area book or anything. We had to get a new piso (apartment) with no food or toilet paper or desks or anything. (love his priority order there!) So we have spent this last week filling it up with stuff we need. I am with Elder Peredo who was born in Bolivia but has lived in Barcelona his whole life. He speaks a little English but it is nice having to speak in Spanish all day. 

We are in a Branch here and there are about 60 active members so that's not bad! We got to know all of the members on Sunday and it was nice. There are also two sister missionaries that came here too. They are great. I am the only American out of all of us! Everyone else is native so that is pretty cool. 

I really like the area. It kind of reminds me of Utah sometimes because of the type of trees and the apartments and the cold, but it is not nearly as big. It is really a nice change from Las Palmas though because Las Palmas was all about the city life and parties and crazy people. Here, the streets are big and there are fields and dirt bike stores and it's a lot more quiet. We are also only an hour train ride from Madrid so last Wednesday  we were able to go to the temple! I love the temple!

Today is my 7 month mark! I'm almost 1/3 of the way through my mission - that is so crazy! Oh, there is a kid in my zone now who is from Utah. He is Samoan and his last name Schwenke! So I talked to him on Wednesday and he said that Oliver is his dad's cousin or something so that is pretty cool! Everybody here in Spain thinks I look like Justin Timberlake so that's pretty nice. It reminds me of Auntie Fina!

Everything is going so well here! I want to send you some pictures but I can't today because I don't have my camera cord with me. I will send pictures next week I promise. To answer some of your questions: I didn't get to see Danny's friend get baptized. I left about 4 people in Las Palmas who are going to get baptized here real soon. The cool thing is that Brad Beuden went right in and took my place there in Las Palmas - he has my companion, my piso and my investigators - that is how the mission goes! 

I'm excited for Guadalajara though. I know there are people here who are prepared and we just have to find them! Right now we are just doing lots and lots and lots of street contacting. It's super exciting. I'm so glad that everything is going so well at home. Enjoy all of the celebration with the Gilbert Temple! Tell the Coles and all of the to'ona'i families that I send my love, as well as the Fosters! I haven't had time to write everyone but they are in my heart! Thanks for all of the support from everybody. I love you all!

Elder Ridd

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