Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hi Mommy!

Thank you so much for the email - I love you! I am sending lots of pictures for you this week! I love soaking in everything that you write to me - you are the best. That stinks that Dad and Nicole both got sick! Hopefully you and Morgan don't get it!

It is really cool that Marquiis comes over. He is awesome. He always emails me and he is definitely going to get baptized in the future! (Marquiis - are you reading this? It is going to happen - even Devon thinks so!)

So, this week we had interviews with President Jackson! He flew down to the islands to interview us so that was pretty cool! He is awesome! I am pretty positive that I am leaving. He didn't say anything but it kind of felt like it was just implied that I am leaving so we will see!

Thank you for always sharing your spiritual messages with me mom. You want to hear something awesome? I got us some sweet hook ups with the head pro at the golf course down in Maspalomas. Maspalomas is super nice and is where all of the tourists go when they come to the Islands. So, he said that we could go down there anytime and play for free. So today Elder Buhler, Elder Nielson and I are going to go hit some balls there! The pro is going to let me use his clubs and I'm pretty excited to go wail some drives - pictures to come!

I am still waiting on my residency card here because I had to get another one (I guess because of the lost wallet issue) so that could play a role in transfers and I might be stuck here for a little bit longer - we all just have to wait and see! 

I love you mom! I am so happy that you are happy with your new job and it is working out for you! You and dad are so great and such good examples to me. I am always praying for you guys. I'm so glad that Courtney is doing so well too. Thank you for always sending me pictures too - it's one of my favorite things about P Day!

The church is true! Obedience brings blessings! Have a great week!

Your Hijo Unigenito

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