Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Made it to Spain!

So we knew that Devon was travelling yesterday and that he would be able to call us while he was travelling so when a call came in from a pay phone in Queens, NY yesterday I was so excited. BUT we couldn't hear anything on the other end. So he tried Morgan's phone and then Alan's phone where he left voice mails that were completely silent. We think he was on a bad phone and he didn't realize it. He didn't try a different pay phone or ask to borrow someone's cell phone. I didn't ever think that in preparing a missionary to leave I hope I should have taught him how to make a collect call on a pay phone. I think he thought that we were just ignoring him. So, tomorrow when he is able to open our emails he will get our side of what happened. Anyway, we knew that with the 9 hour time difference that we should get an email sometime this morning and we did! Here it is:

Hello familia... Estoy in España! I got here at around 9 this morning and its almost 8 o´ clock at night here now. It is 9 hours ahead! I wish I could have talked to you guys yesterday but it´s all good, I still love you guys ;) You guys missed a lot of good stories I was going to tell you! First off, Elder Anderson was on my flight to New York so I talked to him for a while. No big deal. On my flight to España they didn´t have much room in the back so they bumped us to elite business class. No big deal. It was so nice I felt weird... Sirloin steaks and lobster with every comfort you can imagine and flight attendants answering to your every need. Full beds and comforters with plush pillows. It definitely made the flight much easier. It´s crazy being here in Spain! Everything is in Spanish haha and Euros and what not. My compañions here are awesome. I just wanted to tell you guys that I´m doing great and I made it safely. Tomorrow is my P day! The only time when I will have two P days in one week.. haha so I am only allowed to email you that I´m ok today. I didn´t read any of your emails that you sent me, but I saw that they were there so thank you! I will try to send you pictures tomorrow and I´ll email you more then. :)
Love, Elder Ridd
I looked up a google image on these seats and found this picture:

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