Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Real Live Letter Came Today (07/27/2013)

I am starting this blog for Devon's mission letters so I can post them to facebook as well as have a chronological record of his mission letters! When it is me (Devon's Mom) writing it will be in italics.
He arrived at the Provo MTC on Wednesday, July 24th and I guess he was allowed to write one letter that night. It came addressed to Mom. Yesterday, Friday 7/26 we got a short email from him asking for his immunization records with a little PS at the bottom that told us he was called as the District Leader.

Anyone can email him now while he is in the Provo MTC by using - they print out the letters and deliver them to the missionary. You select Provo MTC from the drop down menu then click on WRITE A MISSIONARY. On the next page you will put in your information: Devon's name and then his unit # is SEP01 and his mission code is SPA-MAD. You can also email him at OR, if you would like to send him an actual letter or package - here is the physical address:

Elder Devon Blaine Ridd
2011 N 900 E Unit 235
Provo UT 84602
The letter we got today:

Dear Mommy,
My first day at the MTC was awesome. Everyone here is so friendly! I've already made a ton of good friends. I met some people from Mesa that are in my district! I also found out that one of the kids near my room is Dallin Goodman's (cousin) best friend! Ha ha sorry I didn't call you at the airport, I couldn't figure out how to work the pay phone!
There are 3 other kids in my district who are also going to Spain and in the same situation that I am which is kind of cool. I love it here so far! I have two companions instead of just one. They are both cool kids. One is from Brazil and is headed to St. George, Spanish speaking, the other is from Sandy and is pretty quiet but headed to Malaga Spain.
I have already started to remember Spanish again because the teachers only speak Spanish to you! I know I am going to learn so much here. I hope your first night without me wasn't too bad! I'll write you and email you every week.
I love you!
Love, Elder Ridd
Our friend and former missionary in our area Brad Corbett, is a teacher in the MTC and texted me this picture today! What a blessing to have an inside source!!

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