Thursday, August 15, 2013

MTC Week 3 The One Where He Gains Some Weight!

FYI - he is joking Alan is really only turning 42! :)

Bonjour! I have now been out on my mission for over 3 weeks! 

I´m sorry that you got sick mom. I hope you are doing ok and you will definitely be in my prayers. I´m glad everyone is having fun at school too! 

Its pretty crazy around here. I am learning so much and I had a lot of great experiences this week. I was super humbled as one of the lessons my companion and I were teaching this week kind of tanked. the investigator's brother walked in during the lesson and was having a life crisis and my Spanish isn't perfect so it was kind of rough. BUT I  learned about the spirit and how crucial it is in teaching and knowing what to do in  a situation. The next lesson with him went great and we followed the spirit. 

Its amazing here. Today we got to tour the entire Madrid temple and it was amazing. Believe it or not, I have actually gained about 7-8 pounds here so far... haha everyone here is such picky eaters and it bugs the heck out of me, so i just eat everyone else's food. Everybody here except for me has lost anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds.. I put peanut butter on everything and salsa mil islas (thousand island sauce) has enabled me to eat any sea creature that comes my way. 

Dad´s birthday is in a couple of days! Happy 51 to him! :) Thank you everyone who emailed me. It was so great to read them all. I love you all! Its so good to hear that Jacob is going to the temple. Good for him. the temple is a great place. I love that kid! How is Brad Beudens situation? Is he coming to this MTC? TIme is almost up! Hope everything is going well in the United States! Love you all! Talk to you later! I will try to get more letters out this week. 

Haz Lo Justo!
Love, Elder Ridd

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